Listen to what Pastor Larry has to say about NCLA (formerly known as School of Ministry)….

Over the course of two years, you will attend Bible, life skills, and leadership classes once a week for two (2) hours. Each year, you will receive approximately 30 hours to develop leadership skills and learn essential and applicable skills for life through practical teaching and coaching, as well as 30 hours of basic Bible classes. In addition, each week you will participate in a ministry practicum, serve in ministry, attend the Jordan, and attend a Life Group. You will be given the opportunity have a Life Coach who will provide focus, input, and feedback. Since the program entails approximately 10–20 hours a week (depending on the ministry focus you choose), you will have the opportunity to attend college, participate in an online education, work, or fulfill family obligations, while serving in ministry. You can attend this program for either one or two years; although this program is designed to be a two year program, it would still be highly beneficial if you choose to only attend for one year. Finally, although enrollment in an accredited college or university is not mandatory, it will be strongly encouraged. It is our desire to prepare you for life and ministry, while making significant progress towards your college education without the burden of debt.


Through this unique program, we will provide valuable leadership experience that will develop and refine your unique God-given gifts so that you will be equipped to go out to wherever God may call you, and accomplish whatever God has called you to do. Specialized ministry practicum will be offered for Worship, Media Production, Video Team, Nonprofit Management, Community Outreach, Information Technology, Graphics, Youth and Children’s Ministry. Each week, you will participate in several hours of structured ministry practicum; in conjunction with your practicum, you will serve in that area of ministry each week in order to apply the skills you are learning. The hours per week will depend on your selected area of ministry focus.


Each week, you will be required to attend 2 hours of classes in addition to your ministry practicum. Over the course of two years, your classes will include, but are not limited to:

  • Life Skills: Personality and spiritual gifts assessments; managing personal finances; how to determine your life purpose and plan; how to work with people; how to influence others; how to read your environment; conflict resolution; how to collaborate; active listening and asking powerful questions; decision making and problem solving; how to communicate your ideas; overall relationship skills; self awareness; discovering your spiritual gifts; and enneagrams.
  • Leadership Skills: How to be an effective leader; principles and processes of leadership; planning that makes a difference; implementing change; building and keeping teams; motivating others; leading through difficult times; how to be a servant leader; influence; and implementing change.
  • Bible Classes: Old Testament Survey; New Testament Survey; Bible study methods; spiritual disciplines; theology; basic Bible doctrines; and 10 Most Misinterpreted Passages of the Bible.
  • Bible Doctrine:  Sin and Salvation;  Heaven and Hell;  and Angels and Demons:  These cases are designed to give you a deeper understanding of these doctrines,  and how they pertain and impact our beliefs as Christians.  Scriptural references will be referenced to further deepen and strengthen  your understanding and defense of these doctrines, and will equip you with evidence to declare these as truth, and not myth.


Students will participate in an initial “Journey” experience at the start of the program and have the opportunity to go on a trip to Israel. Other events include the North Coast Leadership Conference, the Senior Retreat and a Freshman/Senior Retreat.


Each student will be given the opportunity to meet with a Life Coach. The goal is for students to meet with their Life Coach a minimum of six (6) times a year. The purpose of the Life Coach is to provide a mature, Christian adult to discuss goals, progress, and challenges. The Life Coach will support you as you navigate through life’s challenges and celebrations, and will be there to guide you and keep you “on track” in your life and your Christian walk.


Depending on the area of ministry focus you have selected, plan on approximately 10 – 20 hours per week. This time includes your classes, ministry practicum, and hours of service in your selected area of ministry. You will have plenty of personal time to afford the opportunity to attend college, participate in an online education, work, or fulfill family obligations. There will be a short reading assignment from time to time that you will need to complete for your class.


Your success will be measured by participation in all facets of the program: successful completion of the ministry practicum; attendance and participation in the life skills, leadership, and Bible classes; participation in the Jordan, a Life Group, and regular church attendance; and fulfillment of ministry obligations. Your Life Coach will also have the ability to offer input.