In addition to your ministry practicum to prepare you to lead in ministry, The North Coast Leadership Academy includes classes in three critical areas: Bible, leadership, and life skills.


The Old Testament classes will focus on the biblical writers, book outlines, major themes, key individuals, and events in biblical history. The New Testament classes will focus on the cultural, religious, literary, and historical perspectives during the life of Jesus and during the early church, as well as personal applications for students today.


One of the major intents of the Leadership Academy is to help students to be effective in life. During the course of two years, you will learn necessary skills for effective, practical living.


These courses apply biblical principles of leadership, giving the student the practical skills needed to serve in a leadership role in the local church and the marketplace. Great leaders are not an accident; great leaders are developed intentionally. Students will learn how to increase their influence and leadership effectiveness both in the marketplace as well as in ministry organizations.


Although not required, you will have the opportunity to take a variety of classes in order to broaden your knowledge of the Bible and give you a deeper perspective as you approach your ministry.