North Coast Leadership Academy is filled with so many experienced and gifted teachers, mentors and coaches. However, the program is led by the team below and students should expect to get to know them quite well! Don’t be afraid to reach out with any questions.

Travis Sybert

Pastor of NCLA   //

Travis has been on staff at North Coast Church for over 26 years. Many of those years were spent as the Junior High Pastor at the Vista campus, but now he is the Pastor of Family Ministries at North Coast Church Vista as well as Pastor of NCLA. He has also been the youth ministry teacher for NCLA since it began in 2014. Not only is Travis known for his love for Jesus, but his generosity, passion and servant’s heart behind everything he does. He is married to his wife Jessica and they have two teenage sons and one teenage daughter.

Katie Johnson, M.Ed.

Director of NCLA   //

Katie has been on staff at North Coast Church for 9 years serving as the Director of NCLA. Before working at North Coast, she worked as a classroom educator and a principal. She has Bachelor’s degrees in Math, Education and Theatre Arts as well as Master’s degrees in Educational Guidance and Counseling and Educational Administration. She finds great joy in helping students discover and use their gifts to make an incredible impact for Jesus’ kingdom. She is married to her husband TJ.

Kim Bates

Assistant Director of NCLA    //

Kim has been on staff in volunteer and paid positions for 23 years at North Coast Church serving not only with NCLA, but also on the Vista Connections team, multiple youth ministry teams and women’s ministry teams. She is great with people having developed social skills during her 20+ years working for Disney. Kim warms up the room and cares deeply about everyone she encounters. Getting to see students connect with Jesus in both vocational and practical applications for their lives is her passion. She is married to her husband Todd and they have 4 kids together, two of whom have graduated from NCLA.

Charlie Bradshaw, Ph.D.

Founding Pastor of NCLA    //

Charlie Bradshaw was on staff at North Coast Church for 25+ years serving as a senior pastor with the specific role of Executive Pastor before entering a new chapter of leadership consisting of mentoring and coaching church leaders at North Coast and beyond. Before coming to North Coast, he received his PhD in Human Development and was a full-time professor at Biola University, Talbot Seminary and Azusa Pacific University. NCLA was Charlie’s dream and vision that he saw come into fruition during those 25+ years. He led NCLA and helped grow it into what it is today. He still plays a vital role in the program providing wisdom and guidance to staff as well as teaching NCLA classes. He is married to his wife Suzi and he has 2 daughters and 5 grandchildren.