North Coast Leadership Academy is a two-year program that offers training in specialized areas of ministry, along with courses in the Bible, leadership, and essential skills to equip you for life. Through this unique program, we will provide valuable experiences that will develop and refine your unique God-given gifts so that you will be equipped to go out to wherever God may call you, and accomplish whatever God has called you to do.

Specialized ministry practicum will be offered for Worship, Media Production, Video Team, Nonprofit Management, Community Outreach, Information Technology, Graphics, Youth and Children’s Ministry. While working and serving in one of those ministries at North Coast Church, and through participation in life skill, leadership and basic Bible classes, you will be equipped and empowered to become a Christian leader wherever God leads you, with a solid foundation to serve God.

What does Pastor Chris want young adults to know about the North Coast Leadership Academy?

From one parent to another, what does Pastor Chris want you to know about the North Coast Leadership Academy?


It is our vision that at the end of two years, you will have completed the majority of your general education college classes and be prepared to transfer to a four-year university, with a clear understanding of what God has designed you for, a firm grasp of the Bible and the Christian faith, relational skills to help you succeed in whatever you do, and ministry experience and expertise that would give you employment as you finish your education.


It is our desire to prepare all students for life and ministry without the burden of debt, and to train men and women to develop their God-given gifts to follow their calling to be the best person God created them to be.


Through this unique program, we will provide valuable leadership experience and hands-on training that will maximize your God-given gifts for God’s kingdom. We will provide the knowledge, skills, experiences, and coaching to fulfill your life purpose through classes, ministry practicum, and serving.
You will discover:

  • Who you are
  • What your spiritual gifts and talents are
  • Where you can make a difference with the gifts and interests God has given you
  • How to put your talents to good use.


The focus of this program is primarily on the 18-25 year old who has a desire to be a fully committed follower of Jesus, and has a ministry mindset. The program will be able to accommodate individuals that:

  • May be enrolled in a college program
  • May have already completed some college education or completed their degree
  • May be in a transitional season between schools
  • May be supporting, raising, or have family obligations
  • May be in the work force and need to work for their livelihood
  • May want to pursue ministry as a professional career
  • Feel pulled by a calling to serve the Lord, but are unsure as to what that may be at this time.


The program will provide the opportunity for you to train in an area of ministry, participate in a hands-on internship program in the specified area of ministry, develop leadership skills, and learn essential, practical and applicable skills for life, all within the North Coast Church environment. In addition, you will have basic Bible classes and will receive ongoing support from a Life Coach. Through this multi-faceted approach, it is our desire to assist in your spiritual formation.

The structure of the program will allow for the flexibility to either attend college or work, while serving and working in an area of ministry. For some, it will satisfy the spiritual hunger of those who sense God’s calling, and allow you to move into your purpose, destiny, and calling. For others, it will provide an opportunity to discover what your calling is, using your God-given talents and gifts, while making significant progress towards your college education without indebtedness.